Germán Farías, a renowned Argentine dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer, has dedicated years to teaching dance, with the mission of inspiring and transforming his students through the art of movement.

For Germán, dance is more than a technique; it is a way of life, a means to explore creativity, and a powerful tool for communication and self-discovery. In his classes, he seeks to convey not only the technical foundations of dance but also the passion and love for the art.

Germán offers a wide variety of classes, including contemporary dance and modern ballet, tailored to all levels, from beginners to professionals. His methodology focuses on the comprehensive training of the dancer, combining technical exercises with creative explorations. The classes start with a thorough warm-up that includes stretching and breathing exercises, followed by choreographic sequences that challenge and develop the students’ technique and expressiveness.

In his contemporary dance sessions, Germán promotes freedom of movement and individual expression. He uses a combination of modern techniques to help students find their own style and connect with their bodies consciously. Germán’s modern ballet classes integrate the discipline and precision of classical ballet with the fluidity and innovation of modern dance, allowing students to explore new possibilities of movement and expression.

Germán firmly believes in the importance of creating a positive and motivating learning environment. He fosters an atmosphere of respect and mutual support, where each student feels valued and encouraged to give their best. Additionally, Germán adapts to the individual needs of his students, offering personalized feedback and constant support.

Teaching classes in Spanish, English, and German,  Germán is dedicated to training versatile and confident dancers capable of facing any artistic challenge. Through his teaching, he seeks not only to develop the technical skills of his students but also to inspire them to explore and discover their own artistic voice.

Germán Farías invites all dance lovers to join his classes and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and personal discovery. Under his guidance, each student can find their own path in the vast and exciting world of dance.

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