«The only way to truly change the world is through culture.»

About Me

Germán Farías, born in 1987, is a distinguished Argentine dancer, dance instructor, and choreographer residing in Germany. He began his training at the Escuela Provincial de Danzas «Nigelia Soria» and continued his studies at Koi Ballet, where he specialized in Russian classical ballet at Teatro El Círculo. Subsequently, he earned a scholarship for the prestigious ballet program at the Fundación Julio Bocca in Buenos Aires and was selected to study contemporary dance at Teatro San Martín (Buenos Aires). Since then, he has made a significant impact as a dancer, choreographer, and assistant choreographer on stages across South America and Europe.

He has collaborated with renowned international ensembles such as the Leipzig Opera, Opéra Nice Méditerranée (France), Spectrum Dance Theater under the direction of Donald Byrd, Alias Company led by Guilherme Botelho (Switzerland), UNSAM Dance Company under the direction of Oscar Araiz (Argentina), Centre Chorégraphique National de Nantes CCNN (France), and Julio Bocca’s Ballet Argentino (Argentina). Currently, he is part of the cast at «Entertainer Freizeitpark BELANTIS» and is involved in productions at the Deutsches Theater Göttingen.

His choreographic creations and theatrical productions are distinguished not only by their technique and expressiveness but also by their integration of multiple artistic disciplines. In his works, Germán blends contemporary dance with elements of theater, music, scenic design, and other forms of visual and narrative expression. These productions are profound and complex scenic experiences, where each artistic element interweaves to create moments of intense beauty and meaning. Through this interdisciplinary fusion, Germán captures the audience’s attention and conveys emotions and messages that transcend words, exploring new horizons in contemporary artistic expression both in Argentina and Europe.

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